I Think I Mean It This Time…

Anyone who diets, WLS patient or not, knows that once you’ve fallen off the wagon, it’s hard to get back on and, the longer you’ve been off, the harder it is to get on the straight and narrow.  I’ve been a piece of shit for quite some time now, since November really, and I am feeling ready to be back on the healthy horse; the best part is, I think I mean it this time!  LOL

After doing a huge grocery tour, I came home and prepped healthy lunches for the week and prepared a stir fry that both my boyfriend and I really enjoyed.  I’ve got a couple other recipes on deck to try and I’m really looking forward to trying those, as well.  Sometimes, I think new recipes and cooking is all I really need to get back into the swing of things… That’s not to say I don’t feel like a crackhead going through junk food withdraws, because I do, but being back in the kitchen, cooking and preparing BOTH of us healthy meals, has me inspired to be a better me again and that’s the first step; well, that and being so disgusted with the past 6 months of poor eating habits, over eating and the nasty physical feeling of being weighted down by garbage.

I plan on posting the recipes I try and my reviews of them again; I love sharing food and my take on it with ANYONE willing to listen.  After this… it’s time to get back into the gym.  Healthy eating is only going to take me so far; this stubborn stomach isn’t gonna kick rocks by itself, right?  Thankfully, not only do I now have the most amazing friend in the world supporting me but I have my significant other ready to change his health, too.  I have support from every angle at all times of the day and there’s no excuse for any further slacking off; the only person left to blame is myself…

Ready or Not, Self, Here I Come ‘Cause Ain’t No Stopping Me Now… I’m On the Move!


About formerfatbitch

I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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