The Stress of Stress

For those of you who actually know me, you know that November was one of the most stressful times in my young life.  Between the passing of one of my closest friends and the family drama, I have been a complete and utter basket case!  As I’ve shared with you all before, I am a notorious stress eater, too.  In fact, I’m so bad that my girlfriend at the office can tell my stress level by the amount of times I hit up the Hershey kisses and baby candy canes we keep on hand to calm the sweet tooth.  Well, let’s just say I, and I alone, have made a significant dent in that gallon-sized ZipLock bag this past month.  I’ve also been avoiding my kitchen, too.  I haven’t really had the desire to cook; nothing new, nothing old, nothing tried, nothing true.  This depression-induced lack of motivation has then caused me to feel pretty awful about myself and my habits, as I’ve also been absent from my gym routine.  What a vicious circle life’s emotions are, right?  I’m depressed and I feel bad about shit and then I make poor choices and lose my motivation for health and then I feel worse about myself and then the damn cycle starts all over again.  It’s like you can’t even win for losing!

Here’s the thing, though: my angel up above, Shayla, has been working some sick miracles for me these days and it seems like the worst is behind me.  I took care of one final piece of business last night and it now seems like life is finally getting back on track for my boo and I.  With all my worries pacified, I woke up this morning with a new attitude, too, and so, by 8 AM I was dressed for the gym and headed out the door!  I stopped at the post office and got that errand out of the way and then I, happily even, headed to Curves to get my workout on.  Seeing as how I was in such a good mood, I decided that I would risk destroying it all by stepping on the scale and evaluating the damage the last month of depression had caused and, what do you know?

I LOST ANOTHER 5.8 POUNDS!  I’m sorry, let me say that one more time: 5.8 FUCKING POUNDS!

Let me take this moment here to make this PSA: I absolutely do NOT encourage unhealthy weight loss done in any manner at any time.

Ok, now back to me being pumped about my 6 lb (yeah, I’m rounding, don’t judge me) weight loss!  Man… I really thought since I had been absent from the gym for about two weeks and hadn’t been eating nearly as healthily as I typically do PLUS sprinkling Thanksgiving into the mix (and the double stuffed Oreos and sour cream & onion Pringles I snacked on for the first time in a year) that I would have either stayed the same or, at worst, even gained a little bit of weight.  Granted, I’ve been back to being as healthy as possible this past week and I even kept my alcohol consumption to one-and-done at pool Wednesday night but still… All I can say is “Woo Hoo!” because it was the exact motivation I needed to get back on track with my health goals!

Here is where it gets uber exciting, though: not only did I lose the weight but, my body fat %, my fat mass and my BMI all dropped down, too!  For the first time since I was 7, yes 7 year old, I am in a desirable body fat % and fat mass range.  That BMI is still a bitch but it definitely gives me something to continue striving for.  How wonderful it is to see that my hard work has paid off and how reassuring it is to know that I have built my new life around a strong foundation of health and fitness and that, when I stumble and fall, there is always the knowledge that as long as I get back on my wagon, success will always follow.

I let my emotions keep me from getting into Curves at least 12x in November but, with December starting out with a Saturday workout, I think I can do it this month!  In fact, I think I can also lose the additional 3.6 lbs to get me down to my goal weight by 1/1/12, too.  Watch Out World!  I’m coming for you!


About formerfatbitch

I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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2 Responses to The Stress of Stress

  1. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  2. Shannon says:

    That’s great girl! We all have those moments but way to push through it!!!

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