To My Supporters…

To My Supporters,

Over the past year, I have been asked how I’ve been able to obtain such great results at losing weight.   Do I have a sick gym routine?  Am I low-carbing?  Have I developed an eating disorder?  Of course, once I tell them that I am a gastric bypass patient, a slew of new questions, and often times judgment, follows.  While most people have been beyond supportive and encouraging on my journey, I have come across the skeptical and the haters, as well.  I have been criticized by those who think I’m a cheater for having a medical procedure done to “force” weight loss, marking me lazy for not doing it naturally.  There have been the concerned who have questioned how safe and healthy the procedure is and how effective the results will be long term while others have been just plain haters because I am losing weight and succeeding, at that.  To all of you who question me and my choices, shame on you!  It was never your choice to make and it was never your health to consider.  To all of you who have supported me, encouraged me and trusted my judgment, THIS post is for you!

Regardless of whether or not I had a surgery to aide me in losing weight, one fact remains the same: it is still hard work achieving success!  Let’s face it… Losing weight is no easy task!  No one wants to put down the pot stickers and pick up a grilled chicken breast; trade the French fries for a side of steamed Brussels sprouts; opt for the water instead of a fountain Coke over ice.  Does anyone really want to wake up extra early to get some cardio in before they put a full day in at the 9 to 5 or head to the gym for weight training after the longest day of work ever? In the words of one of my favorite food-loving comics, John Pinette, “I say nay nay”!

It is a conscious effort to make the choices each and every time I put something in my mouth and it is a daily struggle to choose physical activity over working on the artistic expression of an ass print I have worked so hard to etch into my ever-so-comfy couch.  The truth is, I am not perfect and I haven’t always made the best choices.  There have been extended periods of time where I have chosen pick-up & carry out over healthy cooking and even longer blocks of time that I have avoided exercise like the plague but, what motivated me to get my butt back in gear each & every time is the encouragement of all of you; it is especially the people who dare to call me, an average former fatty struggling just as hard as each and every one of you to lose weight, an “inspiration”.  There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than someone emailing me, texting me, calling me or reaching out to me some other way to say that I have made a difference in his or her life.  If it wasn’t for you, those rough patches would have been longer and rougher so, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you because the TRUE inspiration is YOU!  Let’s continue to ban together and kick this nasty disease called obesity in the ass!  Remember, when you fall off the wagon, it doesn’t mean the wagon is gone for good.  Grab the rear bumper of that bitch and let it drag you down the road to health until you can pull yourself back up on it.  Together, WE can do it!

Good Luck to All of You!

Former Fat Bitch


About formerfatbitch

I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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  1. Great post today! I enjoyed it very much. Thanks.

    – Learn to Live Healthy –

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