Stuck on Smart

As I briefly mentioned the other day, I decided to make a switch from one Curves location to another.  Although I’m comfortable at my old Curves, I think that was just the problem I was having: I was TOO comfortable.  I was stuck in a rut of showing up, mentally clocking out, going through the motions but not really focusing on the here & now.  It wasn’t until I read an offer from my insurance company about a much lower membership rate through their fitness program that I really thought about it and what I was doing there, if I was happy there or if I wanted to switch to a more popular, co-ed franchise like Bally.  With all the thinking, I finally decided that looking into Curves Smart at a different location, as mine didn’t offer it, would be my first step.

Boy, am I glad I made that “smart” decision!  (Did you like the pun there?)  I got home, looked a few things up, called the new Curves and by the end of my visit, I had decided I was switching.  Let me share a few quick points as to why:

  1. I walked in and the A/C was on.
  2. There were people working out!  (Not just socializing.)
  3. They have Curves Smart.
  4. They offer Zumba classes in the EVENING instead of the middle of the morning when most people aren’t available for special classes.
  5. Did I mention the A/C was on?

So, I went into my new Curves today to sign myself up for the switch!  I had an 8 AM appointment but I got there at 7:45.  My fitness coach was very kind and friendly but she became frazzled at the amount of multi-tasking a demanding crowd was requesting of her.  She even asked if I could come back in an hour which I kindly executed and she still wasn’t ready for me when I came back.  After being there for 3 hours and no workout, I was a little dismayed that my entire morning had been shot to shit and I still hadn’t had the experience of doing a Smart circuit.

With all this anarchy surrounding my first day at my new health & fitness home, would you believe I was still fucking floored at how much better it is than my old location?  Between the execution of measurements, the information I learned about myself and the machines and the guidance & direction that was offered to me by a real fitness coach who actually wore a name tag, I was still sold on my slightly impulsive decision to move on & move forward.

  • Measurement Execution:  They use a “to the floor” method that not only measures the intended portion of your body but also measures the distance from that part of the body to the floor.  It’s a more accurate and consistent way to ensure the exact same spot is being measured each & every time, regardless of who is measuring you.
  • Information: I learned more about my personal BMI & my body fat %.  I was also newly educated on my Basil Metabolic Rate (BMR), Impedance, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass (FFM), Total Boy Water (TBW) and my desirable ranges.
  • Goals: I actually set some!  No one at my previous location ever sat down & set obtainable goals with me to achieve a healthy and fit body image.  With these goals written down, it feels tangible and real: 29 more lbs & 25 more inches and I’ll be at my personal (and maintainable) figure that I feel is ideal for me, not what some doctor, trainer or average Joe tells me I should be.  The best part is, I can always adjust them as I approach them.

I went back to Curves at 6:30 this evening to actually get a workout in and was greeted by yet another fantastic fitness coach who went above & beyond, staying nearly 30 minutes past closing time, so that I could workout since I had been there 3x in one day.

  • Machines: Because of her fantastic approach, she showed me that I had been using a machine incorrectly.  Seeing as how it’s the one that targets my obliques and that is one of my more problematic areas, I am eternally grateful for her guidance.

Seriously, after going through what I’m calling Body 101 (detailed blog to follow) today with both of those lovely women, I don’t see how I could ever be disappointed.  I got more out of my Curves membership today than I have for the past 11 months at that other place.  Shouts out to Jamie & Gail for being phenomenal women who made me feel like a rock star today!


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I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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