Peppermint or Lavender?

I went to my favorite spot to get a mani/pedi with my girlfriend on Monday and the experience was FULL of little surprises!

Surprise #1 happened at Marshall’s where we pre-gamed with a mini shopping trip.  I happened to have leggings on & didn’t want to stretch them out by pulling them over my calves so I started looking for some form of loose pant that would allow me to roll them up to my knees to soak my barking dogs properly.  However, if you’ve ever been to Marshall’s, T.J. Maxx or even AJWright, you know it’s hit or miss on what you find in there.  After cruising all the old lady “womans” clothes, I decided to venture into the “misses” section to see if there was an XL I could squeeze into.  What happened after that was nothing short of a phenomenon!

The misses section was just as dull & dreary and I had decided to just suck it up and pull my leggings up, stretching them out for sure, when I passed by a mini-rack in the juniors section that had capri-sweatpants hanging.  Upon further examination, I discovered an XL!  Without hesitation, I grabbed them and ran to the dressing room to try them on.  Being overweight nearly my entire life, dressing rooms have become synonymous with disappointment, shame, disgust, self-loathing and all kinds of other negative emotions so I wasn’t too eager to be let down but, lo and behold, they slid right over my thighs & ass and fit me rather nicely.

That’s Right: I am the proud new owner of a pair of XL Roxy sweats!

Surprise #2 was just as great!  Once I had the sweats on, saving the elastic lifespan on my beloved leggings, I climbed up in my chair and began my experience.  As the lovely Asian woman who was doing my feet worked in silence & I focused on reading a novel my girlfriend, JayCee Allen, recently wrote, it dawned on me: this is actually comfortable.  Not once has my stomach gotten in the way of her raising my leg to scrub the bottom of my foot nor have I felt her struggle to support the weight of my leg as she does it! So this is what enjoyment feels like?  And with that, I settled back into reading about Jackson & his no-good, triflin’ ass!

Surprise #3 was a simple one and, in fact, it had to be pointed out to me.  When it was time for the hot towel portion of my pedicure, I no longer needed a towel per leg.  One towel wrapped around both was all it took!

I’d have to say this was my favorite mani/pedi I’ve ever had and it’s nice to revel in the fact that my biggest concern from this point forward is whether I want peppermint or lavender scrub added to my foot soak.


About formerfatbitch

I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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