Hot “Wings” Review

I was submitted my very first reader recipe a week & a half ago and, needless to say, I was pumped to make and review what I was given: hot “wings”!

I decided that I would make them as a half time snack during the NFC Championship game this past Sunday for myself and my boyfriend.  So, Saturday afternoon, before I headed to my Girls Night In, I tossed the chicken in a Ziploc with the Frank’s Hot Sauce (which happens to be my favorite!) and forgot all about it until the next day when it was time to cook them.  During halftime, I was able to prepare the dish, refill our drinks, catch a glimpse of the halftime show, spray them with the butter, put them back in, cut the celery into strips, dish up the ranch and serve the snack before 3rd quarter kickoff. Or so I thought… When we bit into them, they were still a little pink, so I ran back to the kitchen and cooked them at 375 for 5 more minutes.  They were ready after that!

The “wings” weren’t too spicy but had enough kick to them to enjoy and, per usual, the celery was a crisp & refreshing side.  Although I will be making this again, I have some alterations that I am going to try:

  1. I am going to use actual wings instead of chicken strips.
  2. I am going to bump the temperature up to 375 and the cook time to a solid 25 minutes.  Then add the spray butter and cook for another five or so.
  3. Because I prefer it over ranch, I am going to serve them with blue cheese, instead.

My Rating: 3

What a simple and tasty treat to have during game time or anytime!  Thanks to Cecilia Olvera for submitting this awesome idea for eating – We enjoyed it tremendously!


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I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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