Close… But No Cigar

Happy Monday!  I had a great weekend full of quality time with my man and my family.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, too 🙂

I woke up a little late this morning, getting off to a rough start with my workout & weigh in, but I got started nevertheless.  Thankfully, I tossed the Chicken Cacciatore that we are having for dinner in the slow cooker pot last night and left my honey a note to toss it in at 10 am so it would be ready for dinner when I got home.  I tossed my gear on, a comfy change of sweats in my bag, grabbed a few loose ends and headed off to Curves to get sweaty.

With the snow flurries drifting about, I didn’t expect it to be packed when I got there but, seeing as how 99% of the members of my location could all be extras on The Golden Girls, I guess they had nothing better to do than to shoot the breeze at Curves.  I suppose it’s a social thing for them, really.  I mean, how much are they really working out when they have jeans, sweaters, earrings and a full face of make-up on when they saddle the bicep curler?  Eh.  They’re not hurting me so, what do I care?  I think everyone should be able to enjoy themselves and have a social circle of some sort and, if even the half assed attempts they are making at being “fit” helps their blood flow and adds a few years onto their  life, then good for them!  Regardless, I myself jumped into the circuit and began sweatin’ with the oldies, too.

After my workout, I confronted my pal again: 245.8.  As upset as I’d liked to be about it, and as jealous as I am of my girlfriend who continues to dwindle away to nothingness (she has lost 29 lbs in the past 10 months with Weight Watchers and looks fabulous!), I just can’t.  I mean, I had two straight weeks of solid loss and, although the scale only reflected 1.8 lbs, I need to remember that that is within in 7 days time.  It’s nothing to be disappointed in, at all.  This just means that next week, when I jump on that scale and wait for those dirty little digits to settle on a number, I will KNOW that I have conquered my first major numbers goal in this journey: Losing 50 lbs!!!

As I write this, I am coming to the realization that maybe the weeks that I have these smaller loses, I should evaluate what I learned about myself or my eating habits.  Just because I didn’t hit my 50 lb mark this week doesn’t mean that I didn’t achieve something.  I know I tend to focus on the numbers but that’s because it aids me in marking my progress in a trackable way.  There have been so many “other” ways of noting my progress and I don’t know that I’ve really shared any of them with you guys.  From this point forward, I promise to not be so focused on the numbers and the facts but to also point out the exciting new things that are happening as a result of the changes.  In fact, keep your eyes peeled for my next blog; it will include some of things that I have already noticed to get you up-to-date.

Nibble Cautiously, Everyone!


About formerfatbitch

I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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