Chicken Curry Review

Last night, we had Chicken Curry w/ Fresh Mint & Shiitake Mushrooms… My boyfriend picked it out of the recipe book based on the color picture that was beside the recipe and, since he has been so good about eating better foods WITH me, I thought I’d be nice and let him pick out something.  Man, did he pick a good one!

The dish was abundant with flavor and was relatively easy to make, too.  The powerful scent of curry (and the optional cayenne pepper) had my entire house smelling like India had packed up & landed in my kitchen.  The white wine (which I chose over chicken or veggie broth) also added a nice touch to the dish, too! As I added the ginger root, garlic, cilantro & mint to the dish, I could tell I was going to devour every last bite I put on my plate!  The only thing I left out was the additional cilantro garnish; he isn’t keen on cilantro and I felt the dish already had enough.  I would forgo it the next time I make it, too, as my thoughts were spot on.

My Rating: 4

Don’t forget to check out the recipe and try it yourself in the recipe category!


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