Leftover leftovers?

Man, this whole cooking thing has really changed.  I made tacos on Monday night and would you believe I’m STILL eating leftovers?!

Back in the day, I would make 3 pounds of taco meat and my house (which only consists of he and I) would eat that twice: the night I made it & the next night.  Now, I made two pounds of taco meat, mainly because he can eat almost 1 lb in one sitting himself, and it is now 3 full days later and taco meat is still in the fridge.

He had his second share of meat last night on a bed of Cool Ranch Doritos with shredded cheese melted both under and over the taco meat (can you tell that I’m JEALOUS?!) but I have had my version of “taco salad” about four or five times already… Which leads me to my first recipe:

Lean ground turkey flavored with your favorite taco seasoning (try to keep it low sodium), fat free refried beans, fat free shredded mild cheddar cheese and low fat (1%) cottage cheese (which acts like a sour cream substitute, but with texture).  I haven’t included measurements in this “recipe” because it really is dependent on how much you want of each.  Personally, I’ve been doing 2 oz of taco meat, 1 oz of the beans and .5 oz of each of the cheeses.

Anyways, I’m still eating leftovers and, although I hate tossing food, I also have a firm 3 day policy.  Here is where the fat girl breakthrough that seems to be ever-so-present in my blog posts comes in: instead of feeding my fat face until the food is gone and not wasted, I measured out my food, made my dinner, offered Baby the remainder of the taco meat and, upon decline, THREW IT OUT!

You know, the truth of the matter is, it didn’t even hurt my heart that bad.  All I need to do now is work on cooking amounts… Maybe next time I will only make one pound, take my little 2 oz portion and leave the remainder for him.  New predicament: what will I have for lunch the next day?

What?  You can’t have too many breakthroughs in one day; I;d have nothing more to write about! LOL


About formerfatbitch

I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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