Small Steps Big Day

Today was a HUGE day when I consider all the small steps I took today!

For starters, I changed my hair color again.  I know, I know… Not that big of a deal but it really is when you consider that it’s the exact same color it was 7 years ago and I’ve been wanting my hair to be that color for a while now.  I can’t really tell you what deterred me from doing it before but it finally got done today and I am thrilled; especially because it no longer looks like I used my hair to paint a firetruck!

Then, I went out for coffee.  OK so there are definitely mixed reviews on whether caffeine should be consumed at this stage in the game, or at any stage for that matter, but I read up on why it’s a “no no” and I worked around it.  Today, I had a skinny hazelnut latte: 12 oz of non-fat milk, foamed to perfection, mixed with espresso and sugar free hazelnut syrup.  Add 3 Splenda & what did I get: Pure Divinity!  By the way, it’s 4.5 hours later and I’m definitely still charged and ready to go… I feel like I could ride a mechanical bull right now!

After my caffeine consumption, I headed back to my girlfriend’s house and on the Kinect went.  My stepson is getting one for Christmas and I’ve been dying to see which games he (or maybe it’s really been me this whole time) needs… Let me tell you that I am IN LOVE with the entire concept.  I got some “Your Shape” in and I must say that this is going to be my new reason not to go to Curves.  Who needs a gym when you can get with a personal trainer or play gym games at home in your skivvies?!  Then, to really get the heart pumping, you can pop in Dance Central.  I’m telling you, give me two weeks and I will BE Lady Gaga with my Poker Face!  It’s super fun and extremely addictive, you get your heart rate up, and before you know it, you’ve busted a sweat, all the while laughing at yourself (or your friend for that matter).

It’s the perfect metabolism booster I’ve been craving!  I believe if I Kinect the rest of the week and do some “personal activity” over the weekend, I will have a 5 lb loss on Monday… Anyone want to challenge me?  I’m taking all bets!


About formerfatbitch

I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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