Hail to the Almighty Scale

I’m going to keep this one brief… As much I still think there is some validity in the psychological complex I have begun to develop, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it’s almost impossible if you look at it logically.  With that being said, I’ve lost…

*drum roll please*

3.2 lbs this week!

I stepped on the scale and watched the numbers add up yet again but, instead of stopping, they rolled back down a few notches.  I even stood there for a good 30 seconds to make sure the scale had made up its mind and what do you know: It dropped .2 more lbs.

From now on, I promise to respect the scale and all it does for me; it obviously was just feeling under-appreciated last week and decided to take its anger out on semi-little old me!


About formerfatbitch

I'm a former fat bitch on the path towards becoming a healthy bitch and I'm taking everyone along for the ride with me so saddle up!
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